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Welcome to The Renaissance School , Mansa

The Renaissance School is situated on Mansa-Barnala Road. It is just 1 Km. away from Mansa Kanchiyan. The dire need of the Mansa District, this school is based on ICSE Pattern.


Library Facilities

The library in our school is being made the most attractive place in the school so that students will be naturally drawn to it. Research shows that reading for enjoyment is more important for children’s educational success that their family’s

Computer Labs

Computer education in school plays important role in students’ career development. Almost everywhere computers are used at large. This is the need of the hour to educate students in computer education.

Sports Facilities

Playing sports can help students increase their self-esteem and develop more confidence . A sportsman knows that winning and losing are parts of sports, so maintaining , a sportsmanship is the best way of mental strength

Transport Facilities

The school has its own vans for taking students to different places for participating in various activities . School provides transport facility to students across the city. To ensure total safety of children the vans have attendant on board . At

set of icons of dancing girls | Girl dancing, Vector illustration, Dance

Music & Dance

The school has a full of fledged music and dance faculty with a variety of instruments. Both music and dance a vital factors in creating harmony in the students life. They are contributory ingredients in maintaining the emotional health of a


OUR academic achievers of class - X  (ICSE)