about us

The Renaissance School is situated on Mansa-Barnala Road. It is just 1 Km. away from Mansa Kanchiyan. The dire need of the Mansa District, this school is based on ICSE Pattern.

Apart from the lush green campus, spacious and attractive building, competent and qualified teachers have been recruited. Keeping in view the fact that the health is as necessary as education, the school I s equipped with the facilities for the games of tennis, basketball, volleyball, skating and other games. To widen the world view of the students, to give them the information of the national geography and to foster the spirit of co-operation school organizes tour programmes from time to time. The teaching is effected through the ultra modern techniques (smart classes and LCD Projectors) blending theory and practice. The school will, with the help of the parents and educationists, Endeavour to provide the students healthy culture and to keep them away from the misleading influences. Your advent in the school is very vital for ensuring and assessing our commitment for the students

One of the most important functions of an educational institution is to make a child an inquisitive, sensitive and creatively reflecting human being. Count Leo Tolstoy rightly remarked that a child, after his birth upto an age of five acquires more by way of his logic, feelings, desires and character than in all the rest of his life. During this period a child not only comes in contact with his teachers but also keeps in close contact with his friends and his family.

Although all these determine the dimensions of the development of the personal growth of a child but a baby pays the maximum attention to the words of his teacher. For a baby the teacher is the incarnation of God. That is why the views of a child must necessarily be a part of his practical life. A teacher is the role model for a child. The teacher’s role is just like that of a gardener who preens the superfluous twigs of a tree to give it a desired and attractive look. The prominent educationist Ushinseki says that we should teach a child not just in what he is interested but also in what he is not interested and it should be done for the pleasure of fulfilling your duty. You are preparing the child for his life and all the responsibilities in one’s life are not palatable. Too simplifying, the majority of the teaching community classifies the students in two groups – those who are intelligent and those who are otherwise whereas the teachers should put up with the ‘unintelligence’ of all the students. It is true that the students come to school with an open heart like a clean slate (tabula rasa), with a keen desire to learn. But an undiscerning teacher, out of prejudice or personal ill will or sheer carelessness, declares a student dull by downgrading his marks, he is also degrading his self respect. The transfer of knowledge is not a mechanical change but is the first and foremost human relationship.

For a teacher sharing the pains, the sorrows and the complaints of the students is more important than knowledge. To enkindle the love for learning and to encourage the longing for self learning and to encourage the spirit of self discipline the teacher must have deep rooted love for the learners. A teacher should realize that the fate of a child depends much on the spiritual and intellectual competence of the teacher himself. The Renaissance School will take all steps to make its pupils proud patriots, true sons of the soil, honest, truthful, industrious, kind, warm hearted, sympathetic, intolerant towards evil and injustice, bold, adventurous, morally sound and socially well groomed.